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    Cowhorn 3-Pack


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    Get each of our gluten-free, sugar-free, low-salt seasoning blends in a convenient 3-pack. Best of all, we'll ship 'em for free, right to your door.

    • Chef's Blend: great for veggies, potatoes, eggs, dips, and soups.
    • Beef & Brisket Blend: made especially to complement burgers, steaks, and brisket.
    • Pork & Poultry Blend: more herbs bring out the flavors of chicken, turkey, pork chops, and tenderloin.
    • Want a different combination? Choose any 3 for $18.00. Just let us know in your order comments which 3 you'd like.

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    About Us

    Cowhorn Peppers going into a smoker

    So, What's a Cowhorn?

    We know you’re wondering what the heck a Cowhorn pepper is. It’s a dynamo chili pepper with plenty of heat (similar to a jalapeno), but with a smoother flavor with nearly no after-taste. In the hands of two barbecue freaks, it’s down-right addictive. 

    Basically, It Was an Accident

    That's how some great things happen, right? Seth was planting his garden at home, which included several jalapeno pepper plants from a local store. Apparently, the store had mixed one Cowhorn pepper plant in with the jalapenos. A few months later, he had these big ol' red peppers that were curling up like, well, a bull's horn.So we thought, what the heck, let's see what we can do with these crazy things. Salsa? Great. Pickled? Tasty. Smoked? Magical. And thus the aaaahhhaaa moment. We knew we had something great - and unique. From one accidental plant a couple years ago to nearly 100 plants in 2011, and almost 200 in 2012, this awesome pepper is what fuels the flavors of everything we make, from our seasoning blends to our award-winning BBQ. 

    Genuine smoked cowhorn chile peppers

    We Grow 'em, We Smoke 'em

    As a couple guys from Nebraska, we try to make our beloved state a part of everything we do. The seedlings for our plants are from a Nebraska greenhouse. We grow the plants to maturity in Nebraska. They're ground to powder here and tested in a University of Nebraska food lab. The powder is then mixed with other fresh ingredients to create our Seasoning Blends. It's important to us, and our customers appreciate it, too.